by sub:shaman

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Greetings, Outsider.

Fair warning: in here, truth is always stranger than fiction.

As the notes dance across your ear, you find a folder lying upon your desk.

A crime has taken place. Photographs, logs, sketches within the confines of a minimally furnished apartment. The investigation bureau is at a loss. Short of summoning Raja Bomoh, they need your help with this case.

This is a puzzle piece. One of three.

We need the theories. We need to crack this case.

Will you help us?



released February 21, 2014

All instruments for tracks 1, 2 and 4 (except Vocals, Piano and Soundscapes) tracked live at Lithe Paralogue Studio.

All Vocals, Piano and Soundscapes tracked at various homes.

All instruments for track 3 tracked at various homes.

All instruments tracked by Isa Foong.

Track 1, 2 and 4 mixed by Isa Ong and Isa Foong.

Track 3 mixed by Nurudin Sadali.

All tracks co-produced by Ahmad Ariff.

All artwork conceptualized by Marc Gabriel Loh with sub:shaman.



all rights reserved


sub:shaman Singapore

sub:shaman are sound-makers who continue to reinvent and redefine the structure and boundaries of their music, with a preference for the dark, groovy and occasionally chaotic. Formed in 2012, the quintet has been characterized as having a bold sound, rife with musical twists and turns.

The group comprises IsaO, Weish, Syadie, Hanis and IsaF.
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Track Name: Broker
Oh, freeze me over

You were divine

Bliss short-lived

Bleed your person into

Me fleeting lights

Bleed your essence into my skin
Track Name: Sleuth
A drop of saliva
The spider the vixen

I find her i miss her
Inside all of this evidence

A sliver a shudder
Come into my shadow

I slither i’ll slit her
If my lady dares come close

Dare, dare she?

A muscle a shiver
Her shape behind shutters

Woman scent linger
She cannot be far from here

No blade and no bullets
For clean clever murder

The girl is good,
The girl is good that i know

Where is she?

A print of the killer
Resembles a person like me

The scene of two lovers
An only too familiar scene

A man and a woman
A mirror a picture a quivering hand

A snatch of a figure
A memory no, what is she what is she

What is she
To me?

Alleyway walls whispering false clues
Stalking strays don't have time on our hands
Show me what you are and give yourself to me

Throwing smoke at each wrong turn
Catching eyes with each red lipped brunette

Lose your way in the shadowed maze
One of thousands of shadowed faces

I can't follow a single lead
Show me what you are and give yourself to me

Show me what you are and give yourself to me
Track Name: Harlot
Breathe your words into me
Because you know i never understand a word that comes out of your mouth
Dissolve your love into my drink so it'll creep slow into my veins oh as i sleep

Speak your question slow
Cause you know i can't do nothing but stare at your mouth moving
You see i don't remember anything but the sweeter times

Since our love expired
I haven't been, haven't been myself
Turn back all the clocks
Take me back
Take me back to before

Then we can look each other in the eyes and start all over again
Track Name: Hypnotist
Smoke inside the mind and body, embodied

Can't you hear illusions?

Keep your memories safe

From hands you've kept by your side