LITHE001: Qu / sub​​:​​shaman - ilm Split EP Qu / sub​​:​​shaman - ilm Split EP

by sub:shaman



ilm Split EP Featuring Qu from Osaka, Japan and sub:shaman from Singapore


released August 7, 2015

Visit Lithe Records to listen to the Japanese half of "ilm".

sub:shaman is

weish - Vocals, Keyboards
Isa Foong - Soundscapes, Vocals
Md Hanis - Bass
Syahadi Samad - Drums and percussion
Isa Ong - Guitar, Vocals

"Django" and "O Negative" written and performed by
sub:shaman. Drums, Guitar and Bass tracked by
Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios in Singapore.
Vocals, Keyboards and Soundscapes tracked by
Isa Ong and Isa Foong at various homes.

Engineered and mixed by Leonard Soosay with sub:shaman
at Snakeweed Studios in Singapore.

Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering.



all rights reserved


sub:shaman Singapore

sub:shaman are sound-makers who continue to reinvent and redefine the structure and boundaries of their music, with a preference for the dark, groovy and occasionally chaotic. Formed in 2012, the quintet has been characterized as having a bold sound, rife with musical twists and turns.

The group comprises IsaO, Weish, Syadie, Hanis and IsaF.
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Track Name: Django
i looked into the glass and caught sight of two big brown eyes
it was a baby’s face, sitting snug in his pram

thirstily drinking in the sights of the world in this dark, 
dank, train

with a hunger and wonder that made my bones ache with joy.
i sat in that train, and for the first time in 23 years, 
a new born babe.

i was nobody. and i was everybody.

freed from all the trappings of my DNA.

the outline of the pram and two little feet

the soundwaves in my cheap headphones

the contours of mountains that i dream to climb
lines, lines and lines and lines

all perfectly in sync.

extending forward, backward, inward and outward
reaching toward forever and way back then.

it occurred to me then that all our ridges

and valleys were the shape of the rubble of prams and

homes and all the human things the previous world left behind,
leaving us in bottomless circles of life after life after life 
 floating forward into a limitless nowhere

beating us ceaselessly into the past

i want

i want i want to be 
Track Name: O Negative
I tried to disappear
Smoke and mirrors save me from their gaze

I tried to reappear
Smoke and mirrors save them from my gaze

Dance, dance to the other side
Hide in nightmares, I,
Bask in the fear i own
Transmute, transmute